Client Declarations

* All Statements are excerpts from longer declarations written by real clients 

"If an injunction is granted against Seward, everyone loses.  The State of California spends money to sue someone who is trying to do everything they can to right the wrong, the State of California loses tax revenue because Seward is a VERY GOOD salesperson and has the potential to make a lot of money, the lenders and investors lose because without the means to make a living, there is no way that Seward can earn enough money to repay the losses, and Seward’s children lose because their mother may not be able to provide the same opportunities for them." 
Client D.F. “[S]he is still fighting for us and her clients, and only a person with exceedingly strong moral principles would do so.”Client R.S.

“Seward – and not Soref – has been standing up for me and her other clients and making arrangements to pay us back whatever she can over her remaining working years.”
Client S.G.

"It was very obvious from the first meeting that I attended in 2011 that Soref was in charge.  He led the meeting through his forceful direction, questions, and obstinate behavior.  He was very forceful in his voice wanting to know people’s job descriptions, what they were actually doing, and details about the clients.  He was in control.   His controlling manner and demeanor continued through all meetings where I was present with him . . . .  Approximately half of the meetings included what important people Soref was meeting with, scripts, or projects Skyline Pictures was working on, and the progress of Not Forgotten. . . .  Soref made it seem like everything was progressing very well.   I attended these meetings for several months."

Employee of Seward's company

These lenders /investors also clearly parse out the actions of Seward as a salesperson, from the actions of Soref, as the “Managing Member” of Not Forgotten and Windsor:
"Soref is responsible for the loss of other people’s money in which he was entrusted, and the failed opportunity for success falls directly on him, the Managing Member.  Soref is responsible for gross negligence, fraudulent statements, mismanagement, and possibly embezzlement of all those who invested and trusted him, including me, my wife, Seward, her family, and friends."
Client T.C. “I believe that Dror Soref was managing the money that was loaned to Windsor Pictures and that he did not properly account for these funds and is responsible for the loss of the funds we and others loaned to Windsor Pictures.”
Client P

“I believe that Soref is the bad person here, and he used [Seward].”
Client J.B.

“[Seward] was, in my view, mislead and taken advantage of by Soref, as were others.”
Client J.L.
“From what I know and have observed, I believe Seward was taken in by Soref and led to believe Soref’s lies.”
Client S.G.

“My belief is that Seward was misled by Soref, and that Soref is responsible for the failed investments.”
Client R.S. "Soref did all the talking and Seward said hardly a word.  Soref provided us with a copy of the movie’s script, told us about the film, and told us about a $1,000,000 sum being provided by the State of New Mexico.  Soref also told us about the actors he had on board such as Simon Baker and Paz Vega.  I asked Soref about the performance bond, and he assured me that it was in place and a great protection device."  Client R.T.  "[W]e discussed Not Forgotten, how editorial was going, the release date, future projects, and possible future work with Soref as a cameraman or director of photography.  Soref was upbeat and had very positive remarks concerning all that was discussed.  I wanted to meet Soref to confirm his experience in the motion picture industry."
Client T.C.

"Unfortunately for us Michelle wrongly trusted in Dror. Michelle Seward has been working with her clients, lenders and others to resolve this situation as fairly as possible."

Client A.F.

"Michelle has with great expense of her own, set up a trust to help refund our money. We believe in Michelle and her character. Have we seen Dror? No, he is hiding! Dror has done nothing to take responsibility to help in any way. He has not even so much as called to say he is sorry for what has happened.....We believe in Michelle."

Client D. G.

"The only one who truly seems concerned for our plight is Michelle. She seems to be settling millions of dollars lost by investors. "

Client S.M.

"Quite frankly, Michelle could have filed bankruptcy just like Dror, but her heart wouldn't let her do that. Doesn't that show her integrity? She is spending her own time and monies to help us. "

Client S. G.

"I am absolutely amazed at Michelle's moral standing, commitment and what she is promising to do for the people that invested. Only a person with outstanding strong principals would still be in this fight. i don't know the proper words to really state the depth of my feelings of respect for her as a person of outstanding moral character."

Client R.S.